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Game Mashups: The Good and the Bad

So I was sat at my boyfriends friends house when we got into a conversation about game mash ups and how insanely good or how stupid and hilarious they could be. While being alcohol fueled and having too much sun intake, I decided to write this weeks article about the best ones we came up with, and why they should be made or burnt into the ground if they were to ever appear on the shelves.

I’m going to start off with one I’ve seen paraded around for a while, at least between my friendship group anyway. That would be a Pokémon and Skyrim mix. So essentially, it’s a grimey first person RPG in a big open world and mental graphics to top. We also came up with a Left 4 Dead and Skyrim mash up that would cleverly be named: Left 4 Skyrim. (Kudos to Toby, the genius, who came up with that name.) To be honest, most games mixed with Skyrim would be just too insane for my brain to handle.

The next one we fangirled over was the mix of Grand theft Auto and BioShock Infinite. We thought that having GTA in the sky, in the Infinite setting would somehow be one of the most incredible looking and best thing to play ever. Now I’m sober, I can kind of see why we thought this but it’s not fully clear yet. The first person instead of third person would work; the weapons in infinite would work too.. So I guess this is a pretty good thing to imagine. It’s like putting two amazing things in a blender and just hoping that the final product is going to be as amazing as you thought it’d be. We can only dream, guys.

Out of all the list of games we mixed together, one of them really stood out to me. This came from the depths of brain hell. Mass Dance 4.

A mix of Mass Effect and Just Dance 4. Having all the Mass Effect characters dancing through space? Hilarious. 

Red Dead Redemption and Lollipop Chainsaw. Badass, manly characters slaughtering things and instead of bloodshed, everything explodes with sparkles and genuine rainbows. Need I say more?

Fifa 14 and Hatsune Miku’s new game, Project Diva F. A sports game but with vocaloid and computerized songs? Well, okay then. I think that Fifa: Project Diva would be one I’d prefer not to see on the shelves anytime soon.

A mashup of Remember Me and The Last of Us could also be pretty intense. Having the world setting of Remember Me but with the mechanics and NPC’s of The Last of Us would be a serious improvement on Remember Me. The name Remember The Last of Us also has a good ring to it.

And the last one I’m going to mention is Call of Duty: Dogs. Like Call of Duty, but mixed with Nintendogs. Oh wait… that’s already happening a little bit.

Do you guys have any hilarious or bad mashups you have seen or can think of? Let me know, I’d love to hear about them!

P.S – My Photoshop skills are through the roof. Clearly..

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